SUPRA CombiCon Banana M6
SUPRA CombiCon Banana M6
SUPRA CombiCon Banana M6
SUPRA CombiCon Banana M6

SUPRA CombiCon Banana M6

Loudspeaker connector Banana

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SUPRA CombiCon Banana

24K Gold or Rhodium plated speaker connector for cable up to 6mm2.

Supra CombiCon (Combination Connector) consists of a body and an inter-changeable contact part in two versions. The banana pin with M6 thread got a key grip for best tightening torque. The kit also includes a fork/spade with M6 thread.

The contact body is the part that is mounted on the cable. It is possible to connect straight or alternatively at 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the contact body. Our reinforced banana pin is BFA terminals compatible and features a key grip to tighten the banana against the connector body with a small spanner, a fixed 5 mm U-wrench or even the spade part.

The banana pin fits both CombiCon M6 body and CombiCon M6 Crimp bodies.



Contact type: Expansion Banana/BFA, D = 4mm

Material: 24K Gold or Rhodium plated Berylium OFC

Pin connection: M6 thread


Cable connection: Threaded clamping force in Connector Body, straight or 90°

Material: 24K gold plated Copper

Isolation: UV stabilized PP Transparent, D = 13mm

Max cable area: 6.0mm2

Polarity identification:Red & black

Blister packs: 13x8,3x1,8cm

BANANA RED/BLK 2PAIRS 4 x banana pins, 2 red bodies & 2 black

KIT RED/BLK 2+2PAIRS 4 x banana pins, 4 spades, 2 red bodies & 2 black

Bulk pack is only sold in 50-pack to stores, but individually in stores

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