SUPRA USB 2.0 A - Micro B
SUPRA USB 2.0 A - Micro B
SUPRA USB 2.0 A - Micro B
SUPRA USB 2.0 A - Micro B

SUPRA USB 2.0 A - Micro B

USB-cable 2.0 High Speed
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USB 2.0 High Speed - Multi test winner! Many USB interface users are accustomed to that the USB interface limits the distance between the devices, but not any longer. Supra USB 2.0 allows for distances up to 15 meters between your devices! The trick is as always, the shielding, separate for each pair of leads, correctly twisted leads and the exact impedance alignment of 90ohm, which is absolutely vital for USB applications for jitter-free transmissions. Supra USB 2.0 will reward you with a dynamic, rich and detailed music experience. Undoubtedly! Available with A, B, Mini B, Micro B & A female plugs.

Product Details

Cable diameter:
7.1 mm
Connector type:
SUPRA USB A male - SUPRA USB Micro B male
ELECTRICAL SPECIFCATION Bit rate: 480 Mbit/s Resistance: 72 ohm/km Capacitance: 52 pF/m Characteristic impedance: 90 Ohm Velocity factor: 0,66x C (speed of light)
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